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We always have something that we can use more money for, but we always make sure that it is not a waste.


Don’t have money to give? You can make up for it by giving us your time.

Child Education

We are always looking for educators willing to help these children grow and learn.

Help & Love

Your caring comes through, so make sure that you are showing off the kindness that you want to see in the world.

We are nonprofit team
Working worldwide

Our team is mostly supported by volunteers looking to help young children grow up into happy and successful adults. We try to find people that are intrinsically motivated to help children grow.

With that comes some responsibility from us to find the best people around and people have told us time and time again that our teams around the world have helped the kids in immeasurable ways. On the flip side, our volunteers have told us that their experiences are some of the best of their lives.

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Forget what you can get and see what you can give

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Meet our volunteer

These are just a few of the great volunteers that help us out on a daily basis. They have shown our children what it means to be a good adult.

Cynthia W. Payne


Allen J. Valdes

Field Supervisor

Jeff C. Baker

Project Manager

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