about us

We run a multitude of programs for different groups of children, ranging from orphanages to special needs programs to day camps for all kids

how we started

We got our beginnings when we heard stories about orphanages in New York that were understaffed and overcrowded with kids that were not getting the quality care that they need and deserve. Instead of waiting for them to get better, we wanted to do it ourselves.

In 2006, our first program began and we have just expanded ever since. Once we are up and running, we keep moving city to city to help more places get the help they need.

our mission

No child should ever have to deal with the unfortunate realities of losing their parents, but when they do, there needs to be a support system that gives them the same love and support that other kids are getting. We are trying to find people to really help these kids and make sure that they are cared for.

Kids need proper role models when they are growing up to start figuring out what kind of adults they want to be and these kids should not be deprived. We bring quality volunteers to help kids grow up the right way.

our vision

We feel that the best way to help children in orphanages is to provide them with as much love and care as we can. That might sound a little odd when it comes to children that are not your own, but we want to make sure that these children have people that love them the same way that you love your child.

Our founder grew up rather privileged and realized that he was lucky that he was not born to other circumstances. He felt that it was his duty to pay it forward, which is what we try to do every day.

our values

Kids need positive role models in their lives, which does not necessarily mean any sort of religious moral high ground. Instead, we look for people that can empower children to grow and learn on their own.

We are not pushing these kids into the deep end and letting them go off on their own. We want to be their safety net while they are making mistakes to let them know that things are okay. So many kids get that opportunity and these kids should get the same love.


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Meet our volunteer

These are just a few of the great volunteers that help us out on a daily basis. They have shown our children what it means to be a good adult.

Cynthia W. Payne


Allen J. Valdes

Field Supervisor

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Project Manager

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