benefit concerts

We are committed to music education as a part of the offerings that we provide. With that comes a series of concerts for the kids and for others.

Fundraising Opportunities

Adults really seem to love donating when you call an event a gala. Each year, we throw fancy events for adults to donate money to our programs in exchange for a night out with your spouse at a nice music event.

In the past, we have raised the most money for our programs at events like these, which is why we want to thank all of the people that have come to galas in the past with us. Going forward, we hope that you continue helping us raise funds to give back to the children.

For the Kids

We saw a couple of years ago when Lin Manuel Miranda was giving heavily discounted tickets to Hamilton for underprivileged youths to get the opportunity to see his culturally and educationally important musical. This was an incredible act of charity and aligns exactly with what we hope to do.

We try every year to take our children to culturally enriching experiences that allow them more opportunities to see the world and see how art can be a path in life. These children should know right away that they are afforded the same artistic opportunities as anyone else.

For the Volunteers

We really appreciate everything that our volunteers do because they are taking time out of their busy lives to give back without the promise of anything in return other than the feeling that you have helped someone in the world. That is all well and good, but we want to show our volunteers that we care about them too.

We put on an annual concert for the volunteers to go to that allows them to get a little something extra out of the experience. It is also a great way for our volunteers to connect and build their own community.

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