Children's Field Day

One of the greatest days at any elementary school in the nation is Field Day. For one day out of the year, students do not have to go to class.

One of the greatest days at any elementary school in the nation is Field Day. For one day out of the year, students do not have to go to class. In fact, they get to do the complete opposite while ripping and running around the school participating in fun activities. All year long they are forced to sit inside and bottle up their limitless energy. But this one day out of the year they are allowed to release it all without fear of detention or punishment. For many students it is the greatest day of the school year and one of the most memorable. In this article we are going to explore what needs to happen to make sure that your field day is one for the ages and something that students will never forget.

Fun Games

A field day is nothing without the plethora of activities and games that students are able to participate in. You must remember that not all students are athletes, which means you need to sprinkle in some thinking games as well. This way you keep the competitiveness at its peak but also so that everyone is able to have a blast. One of the best ways to do this is to have a school wide scavenger hunt. Break the class up into several teams and allow students to use their brains and minds to uncover the treasure that is buried somewhere in the school. This is just one of the many ways that students will truly enjoy their field day experience. You do not even have to have competition. Sometimes you can just have activities all over the school that can keep any child entertained. For some schools they choose to have a carnival instead of a field day where students can play games, ride rides and simply enjoy themselves. The choice is yours and it is almost impossible.

Tasty Treats

The only thing worse than boring a bunch of prepubescent children is not feed them. And this is not to say that you have to have a five course meal, although that would be nice, all you need are the classic carnival snacks. This is like Christmas for many of these children so throw out the broccoli and bring in the candy apples. They want sugar and things that they otherwise would not be able to have on a school day. This is not supposed to feel like a school day so keep the options flowing. Popsicles, candy, cotton candy, nachos and all of the other snacks that children love have to be an option. For lunch, do not stress yourself out. Fire up the grill and throw on some hot dogs. Have some chips available and a few sugar based drinks. They will love you for it at the end. If you have hamburgers, even better but it is not a necessity. There is nothing like a good ol fashioned barbeque to quench the hunger of these active children. Keep the treats coming and the activities original, the fun times will flow like the Mississippi river.

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