STEM Education for Youth

Not only do we need more people in careers in science, technology, engineering, and math, we also especially need more women. In this article, learn a little more about why we need it and what we can do to encourage it more.

Since the dawn of humanity, it has been though that only the strongest survive. We may have pursued power in physical terms for a long time, but that is far from the biggest measure of strength today. The jocks used to rule, but the richest in the world are not the strongest, but the smartest in fields that include math, computer science, engineering, and other technical things. It is not even the classic businessmen at the top, but the tech nerds like Gates, Zuckerberg, and the late Steve Jobs that were the leaders. When you think about it, STEM education should be the mostly highly sought after in the world at this point considering the financial impact on the world.

Not just that, we currently have a crisis when it comes to women in STEM fields. The convention has been that women are not attracted to those jobs, but that is a convenient excuse that does not consider that women were not originally allowed in and the space has become particularly unattractive for women. As such, we need to make sure that we are encouraging STEM education for young girls as early as possible to help them change the demographics from the ground up and carve the space in the industry that they absolutely deserve. Making STEM careers for women more attractive is a process that is taking far too long and we can do better to open doors for women in tech to get better opportunities. I knew someone at CalTech, one of the top engineering universities, that had valid complaints about dating life on campus. He said that all the girls that he liked had boyfriends and the ones that did not were ones that he was not interested in at all. It was a factor more of the supply because the school heavily skewed male.

In terms of careers, engineering careers are some that promise high salaries right out of college, some in the six figures. For young students, that promise is highly attractive. Setting yourself up like that for financial stability will do wonders. At that level, you are beyond the point where marginal increases in wealth increase your happiness, so you at least have one less obstacle toward a happy and fulfilling life. When money is not a problem, you are able to really focus on your personal issues and become the adult that you are proud of.

Often neglected in the STEM field is the M, which is mathematics because people see it as highly theoretical, but there are more and more fields that are ramping up analytics to find insights that we never had before. Math might have seemed boring, but there are math majors going straight into jobs in baseball and basketball as analytics geniuses that are able to support the baseball minds with hard numbers that can improve the eye test and find hidden gems that other teams are not spotting. This way, you are able to get a leg up and it all comes from math people, not the jocks.

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