Summer Activity Ideas for Children

Beginning our series on activity ideas for children, we take a look at places to go in the summer and other things that you can do to get the exercise you need and also enjoy the beautiful weather.

During the summer, kids have more time than ever and that means that you need more ways to occupy them. Finding activities is pretty easy and you do not have to do much in terms of breaking the bank. Here are a few ideas for things that you can do during the summer with kids.

Movie Time

Summer is supposed to be one of the best seasons when it comes to going to the movies because this is when most of the blockbuster movies are released, as opposed to the awards bummers that come out during the winter months. If you are looking to see superheroes, aliens, big budgets, explosions, and franchise potential, the movies are there for you. You might wonder why a movie in the hot part of the year? Movie theaters crank up the air conditioning to make sure that you are comfortable while you watch. It’s a great way to get out of the heat for a couple of hours.

Anything With Water

When it is so hot out, there are so many ways that you can cool off and have a blast at the same time. Going to the pool is one of the ways that you can enjoy the sun, but also get the relaxing feeling of the cold water. Swim laps or just laze around. There are usually local pools around that you can go to, you might have one in your backyard, or you might have a friend with a pool to hit up. Remember to wear lots of sunscreen and do not forget to bring a towel.

Other than just a pool, you might take a day trip to a water park. There is nothing more relaxing and fun for a kid than the cool water and slippery slides. Long lines be darned because you can have yourself a great time at a water park. If there is a lazy river, you might lose half of the day just floating in a circle.

If you want to stay on the land, there are a couple of other great water games you can play. Fill up a bunch of balloons for a water balloon fight, which is sure to be a blast, but might leave some balloon mess. Water gun fights are also really fun, but make sure that you do not hit any innocent bystanders. Slip and slides are another fun way to beat the heat

The Zoo

A fun summer activity is visiting a local zoo if you have one around. See all of the animals in a full day of walking around. Some zoos even have free entry, although they might get you with highly priced food and drinks to sustain you through the hot day. Pack some water and snacks to make a day of it and show your kids all of the cool and interesting animals. You might not get to see them all because of timing, but there will surely be some cool moments over the course of the day.

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