The Value of Music Education

Almost above everything, we think that music is one of the ways that we can reach the world.

Oft discussed when it comes to school budgets is the lack of money towards the arts. People discount the arts all of the time because it seems like it is not going to lead to a career, but arts are not always about the careers they lead to. You can bring music or art into almost any career via the skills that you develop from playing and practicing an instrument or exploring your creativity through art. In terms of learning music, here are some of the benefits of learning music in schools.

Practicing Memorization

I will admit that memorization is not my strong suit. When it comes to TV and movie quotes, I am the guy that paraphrases things to the point that they lose any of the power that they once had on the screen. I ran into an issue in English class when we needed to memorize an entire scene from a Shakespeare play. I forgot the lines halfway through and could not make it the rest of the way. I got my only failing grade on that assignment. Music is a lot about memorization to make sure that you are not relying on the sheet music to go. You might not have the moment to turn the page, so you have to memorize to be efficient. This is a skill that can help later in life in a variety of ways.


Starting off, you might think that you have stone fingers and can’t get it down, but you just need to practice to get better. I met a virtuoso shredder guitarist, who is someone known for incredible speed, that told me that he was not good at the beginning, but kept working and working until he was able to get it down. Practicing just made him better and better. Now, he loses his groove if he does not stay practiced, but can regain speed with an hour or two of drills. Getting better just takes hard work,

Work Ethic

Just as getting better is going to take a lot of practice, that is something that you can take to the real world. You should know that nothing in life comes without work and being consistently great means that you need to stay in practice. You can’t just put in half effort because you will fail more often than you succeed. Instead of the occasional hit, you can stay consistent by practicing and show that you are better than you think is possible. Getting to the point where you wow people with guitar solos is not something that you are born with like singing ability. This is something that takes discipline, hard work, and effort, which are things that you should bring to anything in life.


The feeling of nailing a musical piece is one that is hard to beat. I remember distinctly to this day the tingles down my spine when my elementary school band played the Olympic theme and my clarinet was a part of it. It is a wonderful feeling.

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