Winter Activity Ideas for Children

Continued from our series on activity ideas for children, we are discussing ideas for things that you can do in the winter with your children that are not going to break the bank or take too much effort to set up.

During the coldest time of year, you might be wondering what there is to do. There are not as many options for you because the fields might be too snowy to play on and going outside is freezing cold. There are still tons of things that you can do. Here are just a few ideas of things to do during the winter.

Board Games

If outside is too cold for you, you can grab some blankets in the warmth of your house and break out the board games. The classics like Monopoly, Sorry, Candy Land, Connect 4, and others are certainly available to you, but there are tons of new games to try thanks to Kickstarter. Lots of creative games have popped up and can be a blast. You might also try some of the popular strategy games of today, one of the most popular being Settlers of Catan. The rules can sometimes be complex, but you can pick them up pretty quickly. Alternatively, you could also break out a deck of cards for any number of fun games.

Snowmen and Snowball Fights

The classic fun thing to do outside when there is snow is to roll it all up and throw it at each other. Make sure that you are not throwing ice balls at your friends, but as long as it stays safe, you can toss to your heart’s content. It will leave some wet and cold, but that is just the consequence of a good time. If you do not want to get the snow all over the inside of your clothes, just keep rolling and rolling into a giant ball and then make either one or two smaller ones to create the body and head of a snowman. Add on carrot noses, twig arms, buttons, mittens, or whatever else to make it look more human.

Hot Cocoa

It is the season of warming up with a hot beverage, so break out the marshmallows and the cocoa mix because it is time for some hot chocolate. You might also have your hot apple ciders or other seasonal beverages. It is a delicious and fun time to go for one of these hot treats.


Summer is time for baseball, but when winter rolls around, we go inside for the gym and hit the hardwood. Basketball season usually runs right through the coldest part of the year because you mostly do it inside (unless you are playing outdoor, but that is more for when weather permits). The sport of winter is basketball.

Watch Football

A lot of parents do not want their kids playing football and hitting at this age, but you can still enjoy the NFL every week during the season that begins in the fall and runs all the way through the winter. Playing fantasy football is a fun way to join in on the investment in the action without investing your own boy on the line. At the end of winter, the Super Bowl is fun for the whole family and your friends.

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